client — südwestdeutsche philharmonie

In the context of my Bachelor Thesis I worked with the Südwestdeutsche Philharmonie on a communication concept. Since YoutubeSpotify and other streaming services have become so popular, the awareness for the live-culture has been passing out of our minds. Especially in the classical genre, whose popularity among younger people hasn't been that enormous in the first place.

Music: Gaspar Cassado - Suite For Cello Solo
Cellist: Ilya Ryabokon 
Direction, Cinematography, Editing: C. Yuhki Oka
Camera Assistant: Kim Kreiser, Benedikt Schnurr
Location: Rheinstrandbad Konstanz
Make classical events more attractive for a younger generation with cultural interests.

To literally get out of the stereotypical classical context, some parts of the Philharmonic's program will be moved to public space. Such as the woods, swimming pools, the market place, unused facilities etc. Each special event with it's unique location will be stage-managed into an experience for all senses.
The classical genre will always be a part but by crossing lines with other genres, something new is able to happen. Genres are great for differenciating music and talking about it. But it should not limit you in a musical way. Why not play Classic and Jazz, Hip Hop or Electronic music together at one event?
Collaborations with other artists, poetry, plays, light installations and visuals are beeing planned for each event.

To communicate the events, a physical signet was created which also can be used as a projection ground for visuals. „By combining two familiar things into one, something can be born which we could never thought of.“ - This thought can be seen in it's form while it represents the difference and the importance of an live experience by it's physicality itself.
Furthermore the signet was used to create a visual language in all connected medias, without a need of a Logo. The prototype was made with a 3d printer. Audio reactive visuals are made with Max MSP.

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