The story is based on „Le Horla“ by the French writer and one of the fathers of modern shortstories Guy de Maupassant.

The entire short was shot on a Canon 5D Mk2 at 12fps using Dragonframe.
All music was composed and recorded by Yuhki Oka.

Director: Sebastian Fröhlich
Narrator: Odo Jergitsch
Director of Photography: C. Yuhki Oka
Production Manager: Linda Wohlbold
Production Design: Selina Schmid, Franziska Golic, Linda Wohlbold, Lisa Gandon
Lead Animation: Sebastian Fröhlich
Animation Team: Franziska Golic, Thomas Borowiak, C. Yuhki Oka
Editor / VFX: Thomas Borowiak
Soundtrack: C. Yuhki Oka
Sounddesign: Selina Schmid, Lisa Gandon, C. Yuhki Oka
Script: Lisa Gandon

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